Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Server

I have decided to move my blog to a more permanent server, you can find it at

Friday, December 16, 2011

Adsense fail

So when I decided to start my own site, dedicated to personal reviews of video games (yes I'm an avid gamer), also thought it would be a good idea, that after all the effort I will be putting on driving traffic to my site get some revenue out of it, so I thought on going with the Adsense, put some ads, not intrusive, that it will make the site too crowded or just annoying to visit.
I applied and got an email saying the would be reviewing my site and get me an answer, couple days later the answer was no, the site is against Adsense policies, like I explained in my previous post, I checked and didn't see anything.
Let me say that in the mean time I was still adding content to my site, the site was already 1 week and days old, so I read more about it and couldn't find anything that could help me, so I waited a couple more days, during that I double checked my site to make sure nothing was against their policies, and applied again.
The next day after I applied, still with no formal response from them, my site started showing ads, pretty much related about the site, so I thought I was approved and continued my day, for a second I was happy there.
Today, I checked my email as I do every morning and saw an email from adsense again declining my application, this time saying that my site has "Insufficient Content", at this moment, two weeks after I started the site, I have over 70+ articles written in spanish and english, I think everything is original content, as I was the one writing it and not just doing copy & paste from other sites.
This time seems that the problem is not against their policies or the lack of content, as the site gets 3 or more new articles every day, is more the time the site has been up and running, that at this point is two weeks and days.
So a good piece of advise for the people that get declined on their applications, first you need to remember that there is a 6 month wait for some countries, if you are in one of those countries (China, India are a couple of those countries), then there's nothing you can do, for the rest of us is more focused on the quality of your content and how long you have been with the site.
Adsense shows the ads based on the information on your site, the more information it has indexed the better that way it will be able to show targeted ads according to what the visitor is reading at that moment, and also all the SEO techniques around work.

For now, I will just let it rest for a couple months, add more content, if I wait 60 days, adding 3 daily articles, that means that when I apply again I will have 250 (180 plus the 70+ I have today) or more articles and probably will make it more attractive for adsense, but more than adsense, for people, adsense is worthless if you don't have visitors to your site.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


When we talk about advertising, we can say with no fear to make a mistake that Google's Adsense is the leader, if you have a site that follows their guidelines and TOS good money can be made with Adsense, for example, this blog has Adsense advertising, and as me, many other bloggers and website use it, there are cases of sites and bloggers that say the make 200 or more dollars daily,

Having extra income is never bad, but getting approved for Adsense sometimes can be a difficult task, Google has very strict guidelines and if you don't follow them, even if you were approved they can ban your account, so here is a quick list of what Google considers as a violation of their guidelines

Read here the guidelines

Now, working on my website Gamers 720 has been an exciting task, and I'm putting to practice everything I have learnt with SEO and I'm hoping it will work, my family's website is now positioned on the second page of Google when you do a search of specific keywords and I think that's a good result, I just need to keep working on making the pagerank to be higher

Saturday, December 3, 2011

It went beyond, introducing Gamers 720

Well, seems like my small adventures with SEO have gone beyond my family's website, I decided to start my own website, as an avid video games players I thought it will be a good idea to give it a try. So I went the whole 9 yards, it will be a site where I will put my SEO techniques to test and integration with youtube and other technologies, it will be more fun and challenging, as the site will be in english and spanish
Take a look at Gamers720, a site of videogame reviews by gamers for the gamers, weekly news and more, and if you feel like participating, just drop an email and will be more than happy to give you author rights, so you can add your own reviews.

I will finish my series of SEO articles next week, promise

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Youtube adventure

I started today my Youtube channel, I still don't know what I'm going to be posting there, so far the only idea is to post videos that I like and that I see that are from people who have talent, but if you have any ideas, please let me know, this channel is not intended for anything more than fun and share what I like

And as always, my family's website is still positioning in Google search, so far the site appears on page 2 or 3 when you do specific keyword searching, but they have done a good job with their blog and linking to specific keywords and pages of the site, and looks like it is helping.

Tomorrow I'll post one more article about my experiences on Learning SEO

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Learning SEO - Top 10

 So before I continue with my family's website SEO, here are the top 10 about SEO

  1. Keywords - find the keywords for your service or industry, think like a normal user that will be looking for your wepage
  2. Title Tags - make sure your webpage title has your main keyword in there
  3. Meta description tags - This is used by the search engines to provide a brief description of your website
  4. Meta keywords tags - most of search engines don't take this in consideration because spamming done in the past, but still is a good idea to have them for other sites that will crawl your site
  5. Keywords on the title - like said on the second bullet, use you main keywords in your title, but do not use your title to put your full set of keywords there
  6. create subfolder with a keyword - try to use on the keywords when naming your folders, for example, if you sell fruit and one of the folder is going to be for bananas, name your folder like that
  7. Image ALT attribute - crawlers can't see images, so using a description for the images can help improve the indexing of the site
  8. Fast loading of your webpage - this is taken in consideration by search engines, having sites that take too long to load will just not be considered at all
  9. Backlinks - remember that one link to your site is one vote given to you, and the more votes the better ranking you will get and depending on the rank of the site linking to your site, the quality of that vote
  10. Backlinks using your keywords - when creating the links on the other sites, try that the text displayed shows one of your keywords
Every time we try to optimize our site we still need to consider many factors like I discussed in previous articles, but doing this 10 things, will help you get closer to your objectives in optimizing your site

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Learning SEO - Backlinks

Figuring out how to make my family's website more visible to the search engines and increase the page rank, I found an interesting article in wikipedia about backlinks.

Backlinks,or incoming links, inbound links, links to a website or web page. This kind of links were important before search engines to help other navigate to different sites and were the primary means of navigation. Today this has changed, backlinks for SEO means the popularity or importance of a website, the more links to your website coming from important sites the more your rank will increase with search engines.

Google for example uses a link from page A to B as a vote, a vote by page A for page B and depending on the rank of page A, is the quality and value of the "vote" page is receiving. Backlinks from authoritative sites weigh more if both sites share the same kind of keywords. But lets not forget about other factors to increase the importance and popularity of a website and also that content is very important.

One good example of important sites that will give your site a backlink are Alexa and DMOZ, in another article I will explain more about Alexa and how to increase the rank there. Lets note that Google uses Alexa to also determine the popularity of a website thus ranking your site higher in the search results based on your keywords

Many believe that building many links to your site in a short period of time will be penalized, the truth is it will not hurt you, if this were the case, then your competition will be able to spend a few hundred dollars and penalize your site by building too many links.
So going out and adding your site to directories specialized in your subject won't affect it